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The inmost, in time, becomes the outmost.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

J.B. Schramm
CEO and Founder of College Summit

Likewise, College Summit is grateful to the thousands of students, volunteers and educators who participate each year in our program. Our organization has been strengthened by each of their individual and collective efforts, and this book is but a sampling of their stories and

Dear Reader, College Summit frequently refers to the students served by our program as being "better than their numbers"–young people whose test scores and grades don't reflect all that they are or can be. That is why, from the very beginning, College Summit has placed enormous importance on developing a curriculum and volunteer-driven process that guides students to produce striking and authentic personal essays as a core element of their college application.


Happy Reading,

J.B. Schramm Students' personal essays reveal what numbers cannot: the courage, humor, resilience and strength that make up each of their lives. The creativity and skill they display in their essays illustrate what they are capable of achieving in a safe, supportive and productive work environment. Developed by a Harvard educator and close friend Dr. Keith Frome, College Summit's trademarked writing curriculum is a
In Their Words - Ten Outstanding Student Essays

CEO and Founder

collaborative effort that encourages sharing, trust, creativity and powerful description. In celebration of our organization's ten-year anniversary, we have worked with a panel of external panelists to select the ten essays that best capture the promise of our students. As you can imagine, selection was no easy task and we sincerely appreciate the time and careful thought that went into reading and evaluating each essay.

Keith W. Frome
Headmaster, Elmwood Franklin School

Don’t worry–for now–about spelling and punctuation and paragraphs. We’ll come back to those rules at the end. Just open your...

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