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Malnutrition comes about when someone’s body over a period of time gets nutrition that is not balanced. It can be rightly said that “malnutrition is a problem in the under developed world but not in Great Britain” for various reasons.
Malnutrition is mostly due to a low nutrient intake. In the developing world this is fuelled by a combination of poverty and drought. People have a low purchasing power and availability of a variety of nutritious food is low hence the amount of food consumed is relatively low and of a low nutrient value, resulting in malnutrition.
Also, ignorance about nutrition and the nutritional value of various foods has resulted in “faulty feeding habits” according to the science in Africa website. Governments have not made the education of nutritional values of food a priority in developing countries unlike in the developed world where this knowledge is wide spread. For example most food packaging has the nutritional value of that food.

Contrary to wide belief that malnutrition is not found in Great Britain or the developed world it is becoming an increasing problem. Malnutrition can also be caused by an excessive intake of calories over a period of time resulting in obesity. This is the most common form of malnutrition in the developed world. Also malnutrition can be caused by the inability of the body to digest and absorb food properly for example someone with lactose intolerance. This intolerance can result in a lack of calcium which is a form of malnutrition. It is therefore evident that malnutrition is found in Great Britain.

The average modern day diet in Great Britain composes of a number of components being taken in for example an average meal can contain meat, vegetables, fats, and minerals. This average meal is likely to contain protein, vitamins, lipids, carbohydrates and minerals. In this way this diet is healthier than that of a hundred years ago which mainly comprised of bread and potatoes. This meant that...

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