Man in Basement

Man in Basement

Jesse Hernandez
Language arts 2
Book Review project

The Man In My Basement by Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley calls this book “The Man In My Basement”, it is a fiction novel. This book starts out with a man named Mr. Blakey he is a black male in dire need of money. In this book I found out interesting things about both Mr. Blakey and Mr. Bennet. Both of them were hiding things from everyone else but themselves. Here is how this book went.

Mr. Blakey is a man that can’t really care for himself or anyone else and is in denial that he is pretty much a drunken alcoholic. Mr. Bennet turns out being a deception to everyone, coming out with the fact that he’s a heartless killer for the murder of his boss almost 17 years ago and many other men. He robbed many people and was a part in a 300-cop slaughter in a South American country. He had 2 other names in this book, which were Tamal Knosos (Turkish) and Hikmet. These men have something in common and that is what makes this book so interesting and keeps you reading it.

The theme of this book seems to be that no matter what your past is or was you cannot change it but you can only regret it. The fact that no matter how different these men are from each other it is that they have something in common.
It does not matter if one man is black and the other is white, what they have in common is that they have done something that they regret and they wish they can go back and change their past. Your future and present are the only things in your control. But in this book it does not end up so simple.

The Authors purpose for writing this book was to entertain the reader. Another reason the author wrote this book to let people know that your past does not matter as long as you want to change what will be done in your future. I do not believe the author is hiding something...

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