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Man = male who no longer touches himself

A common complaint heard in the female world is that the man today is no longer in touch with his masculine side. We have males who try to be a man or should we say actors who perform as men. They watch… they choose a type of man they think they want to be and put on that act. So in the end what do women get? A male who wears a mask of a cool dude, good bloke, tough guy, bad boy or the new age sensitive man and think that everything will be ok. But the truth is deep beneath there’s loneliness and sadness because “pretending to be” and “truly being” are two very different things.

Women, on the other hand are not like this. They live life with their inner most feelings. They are clear sense of who they are and what they want. They know that the males meet everyday is not the man they want. Females are waiting for the males to follow in their footsteps and stage a male movement, to revolutionise the male’s potentials. Males need to admit how bad things have really been for them and their women. Males need to move themselves from being, as Steve Biddulph has often said in his seminars, talk shows and books, “unhappy men with failed sex lives, in boring jobs with shallow friendship” to being more alive, sensing more, laughing more, more in touch with their body and soul.

The most important question becomes “how can males become the man they want to be”? Before we can answer that question we need to understand what went wrong and how did they get it so wrong? It all began in the 1900s when writer such as Steve Biddulph noticed that today’s society is missing the fatherly figure. As wrote in his first book, the first enemy to a boy becoming a man is being unfathered. An unfathered son is a result of the high divorce rates and the increasing numbers of the single mother family unit. On top of that is the number of fathers who have forgotten how to be a father. They are so immersed greed, commerce, militarism and make a...

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