Management and Technology

Management and Technology

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Course Title: Management Information Systems
Instructor: Assistant Professor Ala Al-Janabi (Ph.D)
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The rapid pace of change in today’s business environment has made information systems and information technology vital components that help keep an enterprise on target to meet its business goals.
Globalisation of trade, the emergence of information economies, and the growth of the Internet and other global communications networks have recast the role of IS's in business and management. We all now live in the information age, an age characterized by:
- Practically instantaneous communication
- Instant access to vast amounts of information
- Drastic reductions in transaction costs for information and communication
- Knowledge management technology and intellectual assets as the keys to economic competitiveness
The transformation of business caused by E-business and E-Commerce applications of the Internet and related technologies demonstrates that information systems and information technology are essential ingredients for business survival and success.
The Internet is becoming the foundation for new business models, new business processes, and new ways of distributing knowledge. Businesses as a starting point for developing and spreading Information Communication Technology knowledge are important. Also, it is really quite a simple matter to get businesses to begin profiting from at least basic types of e-business; it is also becoming essential. Even technologically simple industries are utilizing e-business to organize chains of supply and production. A failure to integrate into theses networks means being shut out of the future, and out of business.
The goal of this course is to help business students learn how to use and manage information technologies to revitalize business processes conduct electronic commerce, improve business decision-making, and gain competitive advantage. Thus, it...

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