management behaviour

management behaviour

Management Behavior Memo
Human Capital Management/HRM 531
June 6, 2011
Doreen G. Lawrence

interoffice memorandum
to:all 1st level managers
from:ronnie k. tomo 
subject:management behavior expectations
date: [ 6/6/2011 ]
As InterClean managers, your role is vital to communicating and executing the organization’s new strategic plans and upcoming changes that includes the acquisition of EnviroTech Incorporated. This process is scheduled to take place in early December. At this time, I would like to review and remind all 1st level managers about behavior expectations, the types of management actions that align with employment laws, and best business practices to insure that the merger between EnviroTech and InterClean goes over smoothly. 

Upper management is depending on all managers to support the decisions made on the executive level and expect that all communication is done in a timely and effective manner. The oncoming employees from EnviroTech will be looking to and seeking guidance and support from management and existing employees. Upper management is relying on its managers and their staff to welcome new team members, train new and existing employees, support employees this transitional period, and to keep everyone focused and aligned with the organization’s mission. 

All InterClean managers are expected to lead by example. As mentioned in prior training, employees’ are always observing management and is directly affected by his/her direct report actions and attitude. Your behavior will greatly influence the behaviors and attitudes of existing employees and along establishing EnviroTech’s employees’ first impression of our organization’s culture and business practices. It is pertinent that you maintain a positive attitude and exemplify a professional manner at all times. 

All managers are expected to follow and obey all policies and procedures. You are expected to be

March 29th 2010

interoffice memorandum
to:First Level...

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