Management Information System

Management Information System

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Internet Services Technology covers a broad range of technologies used for web development, web production, design, networking, and e-commerce. The field also covers Internet programming, website maintenance, Internet architect, and web master.

Originally this technology existed as a medium to distribute various types of information for different purposes such as military, banking, advertising, late notification, telecommunications and others. But eventually the application has grown to nearly all sectors to our daily business and all around the world. Besides that, it acts as role agents of changes and will not diminish and yet will increase even more with the existence of computers. It gives a profound influence to human life.

We can see significant differences between developed countries with a developing country that uses internet technology. Without sophisticated information technology we will not be able to attract foreign investment flow to the country. Internet usage is capable of causing significant changes in the physical, economic and social development through globalization without borders anymore.

Internet technology has changed value propositions and business models. It has greatly impact various sectors in Malaysia, especially the business sector. Business through the internet is one of the business activities that use modern technology, known as e-commerce, which is business to consumer transactions online. In Malaysia, the famous on-line business activities have been well received in the market along with the country's economic progress and development. In addition, the internet is not only for big companies, but there are also smaller companies that are doing business on-line, for an additional income. This shows that the business through the internet is getting rave of benefit to the dealer or user. However, the business through internet also has the disadvantage that can’t be anticipated.

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