Management of Human Resources

Management of Human Resources

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September 19, 2008
BUS 210

I believe that to improve the management of human resources in our company, I would have to improve pay and benefits and training and development. The pay and benefits of a job are usually the top priority for every employee. There is probably no one in this world who would not want to be paid more for their work. I would like to introduce the merit system into the company and give our employees access to stock options. The merit system is a great way to encourage our employees to work harder at the jobs. It will also let the employees know that their hard work does not go unnoticed. The merit system allows employees to increase their annual salary by exceeding the goals that were set out for them. It will get them more money and make our company more profitable. Offering stock options is another great idea because it lets employees plan for their future and it helps them feel like they are a part of the company.
The other thing that I would improve is training and development. From the moment that I hired an employee, they would have specific training classes and exercises for their certain job. I would also encourage them to take courses outside of their primary duties. The company would become more productive and seem more like a family if everybody was able to help each other. If the employees were only trained to do their specific job and nothing else the company would act divided and not as a team. That is why it would be great if everyone knew a little about the jobs of the other employees around them.

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