management perspective

management perspective

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Executive summary / Abstract
Detailed Introduction
The Organization, Problems citing & identification
Adapting the change - Actions to make
1- Leadership Strategy
2- Motivation & More Team-Empowerment Strategy
3- Communication Strategy
Implementation of the Strategies
Recommendations & Personal remarks

Executive Summary
The aim of this report was to investigate and to analyze the management of change in the global organizational world of XYZ Co. a major player in the global market where it started losing its touch in the market losing customers then it had to follow a tough analysis and change of its internal managerial process, the overall company goal and culture and finally the operational factor whereas all their outcomes emphasized at that level to succeed. And it was highly recommended to follow an innovation incubator process to race with the future.
Detailed Introduction
Discussion here is to understand what a big successful firm should apply and do in a well fast developed world to facelift and revamp itself over time to win any crisis situation. Strategic resources planning, processes & values are the keys all companies in the world embrace so they’ve decided that time has become to reinvent themselves and change their leadership structure, move from the centralization to the decentralization departmental decisions. (Christensen C.M. and Overdorf M, 2000).
The Organization, Problems citing & identification
XYZ is one of the world’s leading electronics companies, it had more than 65,000 patents been sought by millions worldwide ranked as a top electronic provider of TVs, Radios, Energy Saving Lamps, Shavers, etc.…
Likewise other companies, the firm started struggling against the well-developed competition and the different newbies economies strongly penetrated the market.
It was expected that XYZ will arrive to a cross-road even after all its success. The business faced many...

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