Manager's Tasks

Manager's Tasks

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Functions of Management Paper
University of Phoenix
January 12, 2010

Managers exist in every business. They do the same type of tasks in most businesses. Whether they manage a barber shop or a corporate job, their jobs consist of several tasks. Those tasks consist of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling which all serves a good purpose in management. Each one of these functions is very important and one cannot function without the others. Management is identified by lots of various writers as the process in which human beings inspire others to accomplish a everyday objective. To be an effective manager you must not fail at any of the four functions or your team will not meet its common goals.

Let’s first talk about planning which is also the first function of managing. Managers must determine what the organization goals are and ways to achieve them. Plenty of this information will come from the company vision statement. There are two critical functions that will help in the planning function and that is setting goals and follow through with the plan. Example, my manager need to make sure she has a plan in place doing her hiring process. She needs to make sure she has a marketing plan, a hiring plan and a sales plan in place in order for the process to go smoothly. There is no plan in place, at my place of employment. They are very much unorganized and too many turn around within the company it self. You have to prepare yourself for the plan that’s about to take place within the company. If there is not a though out plan, managing other will not run smoothly at all.

Second let’s discuss organizing which is the second function of managing. Managers are accountable for orderliness of the company and this contains organizing groups and resources. Figuring out how many workers are needed for certain position can be serious to the accomplishment of a company. If those workers do not have the correct resources to complete their jobs,...

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