Manager of Alchemy Industries

Manager of Alchemy Industries

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654 Northcrest Dr.
Abilene, Texas 70198
May 18, 2010

Mr. Alan G. Barker
Manager of Alchemy Industries, Texas Branch
1945 Red Oak Ln.
Abilene, Texas 70198

Dear Mr. Barker,
We have been working professionally with fellow co-workers that smoke in the office, it has become a problem involving tobacco drifting all over the office and need to possibly correct the problem. We all know that some of our employers and employees smoke so we need to alleviate the problem that is present. There are some employees that cannot take the smoke because of allergies; some get irritated from the strong odor cigarettes or cigars give off and some have health conditions that get worse if they inhale too much smoke. Some employees have had to take sick leave sometimes because they got sick from the smoke, therefore we (employees) are making this proposal to this company in relief of the current situation.
First, we would like to propose that everyone that smokes have a designated area such as a lounge that is not shared by everyone. Second we would like to have designated areas for smokers during lunch because they like to smoke after a meal. They can enjoy their cigarette after lunch,just have an area for non-smokers if possible. Thirdly if the other two demands are unsatisfactory then we suggest that smoking needs to be cut out completely in the facility, there are positive factors that would influence your decision. Examples are, the fire risk is lower; maintenance costs go down when smoke, matches, and cigarette butts are taken out of the facilities; office equipment, carpets, and furniture last longer; and it may be possible to get lower health, life and disability insurance coverage as fewer employees smoke. The biggest benefit of this would be that a smoke-free environment would create a safer, healthier workplace; therefore employees affected by the second hand smoke will be more likely to not miss work than before. We also feel that there should be no smoking...

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