Manager Roles

Manager Roles


Manager Roles in the Functional Areas of Business


Managers are one of the most important roles within an organization. Todays demand of high quality products and services at low costs are ever changing the way organizations function. We are in a time where technology advances are rapid, and the world is in full effect every second of every minute of every day. The functional areas of business have remained the same throughout times, but the role of the managers and their responsibilities has increased.

Manager Roles in the Functional Areas of Business
Managerial Roles…Introduction

Management is a vital part in any organization. Although the type of business may vary from company to company, the type of business will determine the exact roles and functions the manager is directly responsible for. All mangers no matter what the nature of the business is to execute the same fundamental functions that help the organization thrive. Organizations are structured on the functional areas of business, which includes; finance, human resources, marketing, information technology and operations. Each function of the organization depends on the managers to implement the core competencies of the organization.
Role of Managers in Finance
The financial health of any organization is crucial to long-term succession. Management plays a crucial role within this function of the organization. Finance managers are responsible for collecting and interpreting reports, budgeting accounts and financial statements. They are responsible for research involving pricing, competitors and other factors affecting performance of the organization. They are responsible for controlling income and cash flows all while trying to manage staff.
Role of Mangers in Human Resources

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