Managerial communication

Managerial communication

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Running Head: CASE ANALYSIS Conflict Over Job Duties
Rodney Block.

Thomas Edison State College.


The main cause for the conflict in this company is that it is growing at an extremely fast pace, work-flow has increased to a point that the employees are all overwhelmed. The effect of this at that company, the manager of the accounting department, Linda Sims, has been utilizing the time of an employee from the sales department to cover some of the overflow of work. Now the sales department manager, Jose Martinez, is feeling concern since the rapid growth of the company and is not allowing Ruth Rankin to help out the accounting department as much. This is causing quite a bit of tension between the two managers as both feel the need to use this employees time for their departments. This conflict can easily be resolved using the proper methods of approach.

Now that the problem has been defined and analyzed, which are the first two steps in John Dewey's rational problem-solving process, we can now begin to look at brainstorming solutions to the problem. Linda Sims knows that Ruth Rankin is not technically part of the accounting team, but has been privileged to be provided assistance from her frequently up until now. Knowing this and that the reason she needs her in the first place is because the accounting department has become too busy and is now technically understaffed. She could ask her boss to hire an additional employee, even if only part-time, to fulfill the overflow of work that no one else in the department has time to get to. If her boss says that is not an option and is a bad idea, she can then try to set up a meeting to negotiate a new plan with Jose Martinez to create an optimal solutions to use or borrow Ruth Rankin.

Creating a schedule utilizing Ruth Rankin's skills and time efficiently for both departments could be one suggestion. Perhaps they can have her work in the accounting department half-days, every...

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