Managerial Conduct

Managerial Conduct

February 15, 2009

MEMO TO: Supervisory Team

FROM: Cindy Williams
RE: Managerial Conduct

I cannot stress enough the importance of leadership during this transition. It is our goal to make the merger between InterClean and EnviroTech a smooth and successful one. You as managers play a key role in keeping employee morale and expectations positive. I do not expect everyone to be immediately comfortable and confident about the changes that will occur, but I do expect supervisors to conduct themselves in a manner that will promote positive outcomes. There can be permanent and disadvantageous effects from poor behavior on the part of management. Your own fears and emotions can sometimes get the best of you and result in rude or unprofessional behavior. This will be a trickle down effect if you do not control and address these feelings and actions immediately Your employees can loose their engagement in the workplace as well as begin to mistrust and fear for their jobs. This surely will affect productivity and cause turnover to spike. We do not want to allow rumors and fear to control the minds of valuable employees. You must let your employees know that you appreciate their hard work, and are committed to seeing them succeed as this will in turn help you to succeed and the company. Put your employees’ minds at ease by listening and acknowledging their concerns and reassuring them of the steps we intend to take to retain their positions and open new ones. The lines of communication must remain clear so that we can dismiss any rumors and avoid loosing valuable personnel, time and money.

While we know that some positions will be eliminated, we must be careful to make sure that we do not violate employment laws. Wrongful termination, failure to pay earned commissions and bonuses upon termination, harassment and any other action that is based on an intention to discriminate will not be tolerated. This can cost the company unnamed amounts of dollars as well as...

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