Managerial Support of the Upcoming Interclean and Envirotech Merger

Managerial Support of the Upcoming Interclean and Envirotech Merger

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January 11, 2009


MEMO TO: The Entire Supervisory Team
FROM: / Mid-Level Sales Manager
RE: Managerial Support of the Upcoming InterClean and EnviroTech Merger
CC: / HRM531

As you are all aware, for many years our CEO, David Spencer, managed to find an optimum decision in any complex and crisis situation. However, the today market is not as it used to be before because of different recent regulations and laws. For many years our company provided high quality cleaning and sanitation products, but after recent market investigation it became clear that the potential consumers demand additional service and cleaning solutions. To meet new requirements of the market the CEO agreed on merger with EnviroTech, one of the major domestic competitors. The company executive management team proposed a new strategy which has a goal to provide full products and services packages to the customers domestically and globally.

Get ready, because we will face big challenges in the combination of both companies. It has come to my attention that the company employees are uncertain about the InterClean future and their morale is low as rumors are floating around a huge layoff. Employees of both organizations, InterClean and EnviroTech, have their own set of problems, beliefs, attitudes and their own ways. Mergers in general, if not addressed properly, could create a politically vicious and unstable environment for our employees (Frehse, 2007). This is why I’m reaching out to you and asking you to support our merger with the right attitude.

Once merged, the InterClean management team is planning to complete its corporate restructuring model including human capital development on its employee's skills and knowledge as a dominant industry poised for a global expansion. With these changes, our supervisory team will have direct impact on existing and new employees. We must address opportunities such as employee morale, improving communication, training and...

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