Assignment 1.

COURSE .MSc in HRM (P/T), 20015
MODULE: Leading, Managing and Developing People

Critically evaluate, in your organisation, the impact of two HR interventions of your choice on engagement, commitment, motivation or job satisfaction.

WRITER. MR Muhammad Ahmed RAJA

Diversity and Empowerment have been selected for this critical evaluation reporting
in the Kandore Pvt Ltd. The reason these interventions have been selected is that
these are the most important issues of modern times along with other important HR
issues of employee’s motivation and commitment.
Due to the global migration of population from developing countries to more
Developed Countries of Europe, America and Middle East dealing with issues like
diversity and empowerment is present time an important role of HR professional not
only in national SME & Large organisation but also in global multinational 0rganization as well.
Keeping in mind the nature of the issues and purpose of the report. Kandore Pvt Ltd
has been selected, where the write has worked for more than 7 years and felt that
these were the most important issues being ignore by the top management of the
Kandore .
During this employment with the organisation, the writer has felt that Kandore
continuously ignored these elements of human resources, which if dealt
professionally would have, not only benefitted the organisation in managing its
human resource more efficiently but also have created
an image of the organisation where people want to work as motivated and
committed to stay with the organisation for longer period of time.
The organisation (Kandore) was established in 1996 by a family of four brothers and
it operates in food retail Sector .Currently it has seven branches network in East
midland area and has more than 250 employees. Its annual turnover is more that
£30 million. (Source: Website of...