Managing Awards and Decorations Programs

Managing Awards and Decorations Programs

AG 1084 ED A cr. 3 79%

1. Which of the following exemplifies an award for achievement?
C. The Amy awards them to recognize a specific exceptional act or acts.

2. What is the maximum time period that a meritorious service award may cover?
C. An entire military career.

3. One of the company commanders asked how late after an act he might normally submit a
recommendation forward. What should you tell him?
B. 2 years.

4. What is the maximum number of lines allowed in the citation portion of DA Form 638?
D. Nine lines.

5. Which SIDPERS report might the personnel manager use to initiate award processing?

6. A recommendation for an ARCOM initiated at unit level goes to the battalion S1 for which of the
A. Review.

7. When preparing an award certificate, where do you place the recommended individual’s unit name?
C. Centered one line below the individual’s name.

8. How many citation lines may an award certificate contain for a retiree who is receiving an award for
B. 6.

9. The Army differentiates between awards for service, achievement, and heroism. Of the following, which
may be an award for heroism?

10. E.

11. Which sergeant’s award recommendation, if ant, contains an error in block 1?
D. No error; each recommendation is correct.

12. Which sergeant’s award recommendation. if any, conditions an error in block 5?
D. No error; each recommendation is correct.

13. E.

14. SFC Jones has recommended that SGT Bartlet receive an Army Achievement Medal. Who is the final
approval/disapproval authority for the AAM?
B. Battalion commander.

15. Who is the final approval/disapproval authority for SSG Duffy’s ARCOM?
B. Battalion commander.

16. The brigade commander recommended approval of 1SG Allen’s MSM, but because of an unexpected
delay in pressing the recommendation, he has...

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