Managing Homeland Security

Managing Homeland Security

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1. Emergency management is the discipline and profession of applying science, technology, planning and management to deal with extreme events that can injure or kill large numbers of people, do extensive damage to property, and disrupt community life” (Drabek, 1991a, p. xvii). Thus, emergency managers identify, anticipate, and respond to the risks of catastrophic events in order to reduce to more acceptable levels the probability of their occurrence or the magnitude and duration of their social impacts.
(A). The Job of emergency managers is to coordinate relief, set up training between departments, and establish a preparedness plan for disastrous situations that might occur.

2. The four phases of emergency planning:
• Mitigation: Mitigation is any action of a long-term, permanent nature that reduces the actual or potential risk of loss of life or property from a hazardous event. Mitigation activities are directed toward eliminating the causes of a disaster, reducing the likelihood of its occurrence, or...

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