managing human resource

managing human resource

BBM302: Revision 1

1. Hiring workers who have criminal backgrounds without proper safeguards is considered ________.
A) improper screening
B) negligent hiring
C) unreliable testing
D) improper hiring

2. What is the primary goal of employee selection?
A) achieving person-job fit
B) avoiding negligent hiring
C) developing a diverse workforce
D) maintaining valid test scores

3. As a manager, what is the most important reason to select employees carefully?
A) meet industry and organizational standards
B) comply with federal and state labor laws
C) improve personal and organizational performance
D) establish a high-performing work system

4. Effective employee screening will most likely ________.
A) improve team management skills
B) eliminate negative office politics
C) identify valid and reliable test procedures
D) reduce dysfunctional workplace behaviors

5. If a person scores a 70 on an intelligence test on one day and scores 110 when retested on another day, you might conclude that this test is ________.
A) valid
B) reliable
C) unreliable
D) inconsistent

6. What is the first step of the talent management process?
A) recruiting internal candidates
B) deciding what positions to fill
C) conducting screening interviews
D) building a pool of job candidates

7. Which term refers to a procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements for a specific job and the kind of person most suitable for a position?
A) HR management
B) job description
C) job analysis
D) talent management

8. The information resulting from a job analysis is primarily used for writing ________.
A) job descriptions
B) corporate objectives
C) training requirements
D) performance standards

9. During a job analysis, a human resources specialist will most likely collect information about all of the following EXCEPT ________.
A) human behaviors
B) physical working conditions
C) responsibilities of the position
D) employee...

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