Managing Intergatred Global Supply Chains

Managing Intergatred Global Supply Chains

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In today’s world business are more competitive than in the previous years. Businesses now need to operate at lower cost to compete and at the same time develop their own core competencies to differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out in the market (Worldscibooks 2007).The key issue that will be addressed in this report is the implication on Bennett bakery’s intention to become a world class supplier of bakery products to Marks and Spencer. The main objective would be for Bennett to have operations that are up to the required standards of performance and to maintain consistency in these standards for a much longer period of time. Other key objectives will address the growing need for agile responses to market demand, strategies for managing quality in all links of the supply chain, the logistical considerations ofd transporting relatively fragile, short-lived products, the need for strategic partnerships, the use of information and communication technology and the need to manage environmental impact of their operations.

Bennett Bakery Products is an emerging force in the pre-packaged goods market According to Times newspaper, one of the key suppliers of Marks and Spencer has let the supplier down by shipping several consignments of contaminated cake products that were unfortunately widely distributed throughout Marks and Spencer chain of stores. This incident has drained significant profits for the supplying company as well as Marks and Spencer as contaminated batches were removed and customers refrained from buying even the available up to standard stock. Marks and Spencer not only has to worry about a wounded reputation for food safety but also fear that consumer confidence will be weakened across the whole range of their food products.

However, for Bennett Bakery Products this is a golden opportunity to venture into getting to be one of the biggest players in the food retailing in Europe. Bennett now has to embark on an...

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