Managing Knowledge Capitol

Managing Knowledge Capitol

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Final Exam
Managing the Knowledge Capitol: Microsoft
MGT 330: Theory, Practice and Application
University of Phoenix
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The purpose of this paper is to apply an understanding of the four management functions, which are planning, organization, leading and controlling. These four concepts will be applied to the concept of managing knowledge capital of an organization. The organization chosen for the purposes of this discussion is Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has proven itself to be a very successful force in the business world, limiting the capabilities and even profitability of it competition while maintaining a productive and loyal staff.
Knowledge capital will be analyzed and defined for what it means to businesses in general, but specifically for Microsoft. In addition, the four management functions will be applied to the central topic of knowledge capital, breaking down the specifics of each topic and how they work for Microsoft. Application of these four management functions to the functionality of a successful business such as Microsoft will enable application of lessons learned in real-life business situations to the emerging, leading topic of management: managing knowledge capital.

Knowledge Capital Defined
Knowledge capital is a value of ideas that equals the sharing of information, which leads to the sharing of power, “…knowledge management metrics are about how the organization manages its resources to achieve its goals (Conway 2004).”
Knowledge capital can be said to be the information, knowledge and skill that result from the experience and training of employees, either as individuals or as a group. “…The general consensus that though this resource has great value, it is one of the more elusive components of intangible assets (Conway 2004).” Knowledge capital can create a very long lasting competitive advantage that can be hard for a...

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