Managing Research Design

Managing Research Design

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Running head: Coffee Time

Managing Research Design: Coffee Time

University of Phoenix
MBA 510: Managerial Decision Making


“Nothing can be more rejuvenating than a cup of coffee” is a comment that many Americans and Europeans make about their favorite indulgence, coffee. Coffee Time offers a comfortable meeting place with an ambience that makes it the place to “hang out” and drink their premium brand of exotic and regular coffee flavors. (University of Phoenix, 2008).
Coffee Time maintains a substantial presence in the United States and Europe and management is considering globalization (University of Phoenix, 2008). Globalization will require careful consideration of market research especially in the design concepts of both secondary and primary research.
The management of Coffee Time is considering entering into the South Asian market. Recent trends in the global coffee business indicate South Asia an emerging market for coffee bars that offer a special flavor. In determining where to locate its outlets in India, Coffee Time must analyze considerable data using primary and secondary research methods.
Based on a mixture of village farming, modern agriculture, information technology, and a wide range of manufacturing industries, India is one of the most powerful economies in South Asia. With an estimated 100 million to 200 million consumers, India has a strong entrepreneurial class and a central government that recognizes the continuing need for market-oriented approaches to economic development. (University of Phoenix, 2008)
Coffee Time has contracted Total Access, a market research company to compile information about India. Cities being considered have been identified and are based on cultural outlook and the degree of affluence. Demographics, leisure and lifestyle, infrastructure, and competition must also be researched. This information will be used to develop a survey that will provide Coffee Time valuable data...

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