Managing the Day and Time

Managing the Day and Time

My Student Survival Guide

In the beginning of my journey through my distance learning, at UOP I have learned

Many skills that I know will follow me throughout the rest of my life and career.

When managing my time wisely, I have put together timelines and lists’ to

Prepare myself on what I can accomplish each day. I set out a plan to follow by so I

Know when I can do things. Here is an example of my day and how I manage my time.

Example; I get to work by 8 am, I go to lunch about 12pm I log onto ecampus where I

Begin to do any discussions that I see on there for that week. I get back to work at 1pm

And work till 5pm, I run errands and then about 7pm I fix dinner, I get my son in the bath

at about 8:30 and in the bed by 9pm, I log back into to ecampus and complete any DQs or

assignments I have for that day. I have mastered this schedule and feel as if it works for

me. It helps with my time management; I know I can complete everything this way.

I have also learned that my learning intelligence is Intrapersonal, which means my

learning skill can help with this distance learning because I am able to work by my self

and know that I am doing a really good job without being told so. By knowing and

figuring out my learning intelligence I can now understand that there are many types of

intelligences out there that I can work on learning and using.

I started out having just basic goal when I started out at UOP such as, go to

school so I can get a better job. That is not the case anymore, I have bigger goals and I

know there are things that I will struggle with along the way. There are times in my life

that my own life will get in the way of school such as if something comes up and I do not

have time to do an assignment I have found ways around such obstacles now. UOP has

shown me so many skills that I can use forever in just the last 9 weeks. My goals now

have changed, for example; I would like to...

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