Importance of management skills

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For a Small Business to grow, expands and flourish the management team needs to follow basic, yet profound
skill sets to achieve success of the business. If these management skills are not taken seriously enough the end
result will quickly become failure of the business. There are three key management skills that small business
managers need to follow for success these are; Technical skills, Human skills, Conceptual skills. Then there are
specialised skills that are imperative for small business success to occur these include; Planning, Organising,
Directing and Controlling. Small Business owners might not obtain these skills because of not having the
opportunities to learn these skill sets through the use of courses or university education. Without these skills small
businesses will find it near impossible to be successful but through the implementation of the skill sets small
businesses will experience growth and prosperous times.

Technical skills
Boone, L.E., Kurtz D.L., (2005) states that technical skills are when the manager of the small business has the
capability to recognise and use the knowledge, techniques, tools and equipment for the explicit tasks of the small
business in question. Technical skills examples that managers should be proficient in include computer
programming and accounting as they are processes or working with physical objects.

Human Skills
Human skills are the interpersonal skills management need to enable their staff to work effectively and efficiently.
Within the adaption of human skills, there is a need for the ability to communicate, motivate and lead employees...