Course Title
ACC/400 Accounting for Decision Making

Team Members/Contact Information


Time zone and
Availability during the Week

James Kasch


LA, CST, Available most days, do most of my work on Sat/Sun
Aiduleik Rodriguez

Keedryan Johnson


Available anytime
Kenneth Venteicher

Melissa Machado

Team Ground Rules and Guidelines

All team communication will take place in team forum. Phone calls and emails only in emergency. Others might benefit from your questions. Also, there is a paper trail if any issues arise. All work must be turned into the team forum by the Sat night/Sun morning before the assignment is due. We need to give the person who will be formatting the final draft of an assignment adequate time to do so. We must be respectful of each other even in disagreements or disputes. If a person cannot meet our set guidelines, we must communicate that to the team in a timely manner. No OFF weeks for anyone. A general expectation for all team members is to meet all deadlines and stay in communication through-out the week on team assignments.

Expectations for Time Management and Involvement
(Participation, communication with the team, accessibility, etc.)

Everyone needs to post in a timely manner. A good suggestion would be to post at least twice a week when a team project is due. Each topic should be posted separately for each project with the topic listed as the subject. Once a topic is posted, keep all related posts under that same topic so that the flow will be smooth and the confusion kept to a minimum. Again, all work must be turned into the team forum by the Sunday before the assignment is due. The team member who is responsible for formatting the assignment should post the first draft the evening before the assignment is...