Manufacturers reminded how to extend the life of the crusher

Manufacturers reminded how to extend the life of the crusher

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mining machinery crusher equipment in use, there is no time to take some reasonable precautions which led crusher equipment susceptible to corrosion or use of the process prone to failure Open Cast Gold Mining Equipment. Thus affecting the efficiency of the crusher, achieving the desired effect. Machine is specialized in producing crusher equipment, crusher industry has been developing in the lead position, we not only focus on product quality, service and also in the development of continuous improvement, after each crusher sold, we will for customers on product maintenance and use common sense to avoid unnecessary losses in use.

Machines Corporation, the following points are summarized in use how to maintain the crusher tips. 1, the temperature of the impact crusher at work, the temperature of each component has its own normal range. Crusher in use, one to prevent overload at low temperature, to ensure the normal operation of the low-speed pre-heating phase, the mechanical reach the required temperature before traveling or working, not because it was not a problem while ignoring its important to do Gravel Crusher For Sale In Singapore; Second, we must prevent the mechanical operation at high temperatures, mechanical running thermometer should always check the value on the various problems are discovered immediately stop inspection, found that even if the fault is rectified. For reasons not find, and never treated and still can not make the machinery work sick. In the usual work, pay attention to check the working conditions of the cooling system.

Of water-cooled machines, must be checked daily before work, add cooling water; for air-cooled machines, but also regularly clean up the dust on the air cooling system to ensure the smooth flow of cooling air duct. 2. The influence of impurities on the crusher mechanical impurities generally refers to some metal shavings, wear products such as dust, soil and other non-metallic substances and crushers in...

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