Mao Zedong's Teachings in Today's World

Mao Zedong's Teachings in Today's World

Critically assess how much Mao Tse-tung’s political teachings are relevant today?

Nowadays, most of the people are not satisfied with their way of living in a certain country and nearly this country is located in the middle east, where people are living lacking their daily needs, if you asked randomly any person to mark what they are unsatisfied with they will choose political and economic life, they cannot simply separate between them, people believe that to enhance their economic life they have to change first their political life represented in the regime ruling them, but definitely it is not just measured like that and cannot only be linked with these two factors, because all they think is how to return the old days when they were living in a socialist community even if they just lived in it for no longer than ten years. This struggle could be with the regime and could be with another class, this class struggle is mainly interpreted by Mao’s teachings as a communist leader, who was encouraging socialism and changed the life of workers and peasants in China by his speeches and teachings. Now I will mainly discuss his teachings and how they are relevant today.

A fight between socialism and capitalism, a war that will never ends?

Starting from Mao’s era till now, the fight did not end, between socialism and capitalism, every approach has its opponents and supporters, so the debate will never come to an end, but many scholars adopt different opinion and claim that socialism is dead!, but Mao says that socialism as a system will sooner or later erase what is called “capitalism” as he described this process by man’s will.
Mao from his own point of view, saw that the economic exploitation of the peasants and adding to this by sequence the political oppression that will be caused, will lead to a revolution, peasants in any country must be considered as an important class, and the favor returns for them in their fights and uprising against the elite...

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