Maori Nationhood

Maori Nationhood

Unification of One Maori Nation

I propose that all Maori, those first people of Hawaii, Tahiti, Rao Tonga, Rapa Nui and Aotearoa realign their consciousness recognizing one Maori Nation. Much has been argued and discussed about from where the Maori originates. Anthropologists in their clinical approach have predictably objectified us by labeling us Polynesians. By accepting this questionable scientific label, Maori consciousness has been pierced resulting in regionalized efforts in self-determination as Hawaiians, Tahitians, and Maori relative to America. France, England and Spain that have collectively fractured the original Maori nation with their personal discoveries in the 18th Century. For over two hundred years we have been isolated and deprived the opportunity to speak to the possibilities of meeting the world as a unified and recognized people.

Pragmatically this thesis changes nothing politically but speaking to the possibility it is an enormous suggestion and equally powerful suggestion of intellectual liberation and restored consciousness. We have at our disposal resources and assets from Hawaii to Rapa Nui serving the entire west coast of North & South America. We continue to be the gateway to the East with strategic financial and trade positions yet to be defined.

Western colonialization in the lat 18th Century conveniently eradicated Maori sensibility by he introduction of the English language with absolute definition compelling the Maori voice to meet a Western standard and in absence of comparatives the Maori consciousness was removed simply by the misappropriation of language. The benefit of literacy without a from of Maori literature further exacerbates the systemic problem by disallowing a Maori or native benchmark from which to better analyze an draw rational conclusions simply be cause native or Maori rationalization is eliminated.

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