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Post Graduate Diploma in Business
(Maori Development)

Maori Society: History and Resources
Te Ao Maori: Te Takinga Mai Me Te Tai Ao

Assignment 2

Te Tuhituhi Tuarua – Research Essay (6000-7000 words)

Lecturer: Dr Manuka Henare

Atarangi Kask
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Te Tai Tokerau Campus

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The early nineteenth century presented a period of time where there was significant change within Maoritanga, New Zealand and its economy. There is no question that the Rangatira (chiefs) of this time had an integral part to play in New Zealand history which now underpin the contemporary issues that affect Maori and the New Zealand society today.
This essay is structured in three parts. Part One of this essay begins the process of outlining the commercial, philosophical and political factors that influenced many rangatira in the period 1800 – 1840 to develop a relationship with the British Crown.
Part Two of this essay will describe the importance to rangatira and their people of the period of literacy, the interaction with King George and William IV and Queen Victoria, the engagement with James Busby and British Authorities, of the flag of trade, the declaration of independence and Te Tiriti O Waitangi in establishing a nascent independent Maori nation.
Part three will explore what I consider to be the impact of new Tai Tokerau commerce on tribal structures and social organisation in the 1840 – 1860s.
Commercial factors that influenced Rangatira were trade overseas and nationally, which provided opportunities for rangatira to engage and develop relationships with European and the British Crown. Bartering and reciprocity soon evolved to a cash economy. This included iron tools, livestock, and new vegetables like white potato. Other trade items included tobacco, pipes, knives, blankets and clothing. Rangatira were...

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