Marginalasation narrative

Marginalasation narrative


Cruel Nature


The leaves danced in time with the wind across the endless horizon in the outskirts of the Sahara desert. I stood outside my hut watching the harsh condition of the desert ripping through the buttery sand. The ghosts of children, women and men were the only life that walked this war torn village; I could hear their soft voices and whispers carried along the wind. As I closed my eyes to listen to beauty of my village; I felt something ominous was approaching us. I went inside and disregarded it. Abruptly, I heard a loud cry, “Run for your life, the storm has arrived”. I quickly gathered some water, few pennies and hastily grabbed Lulu to depart the village. As we ran Lulu tripped on the way, I ran hard and helped her to her feet. The storm almost threatened the appearance of apocalypse. The villagers were crying and running as far as they could; yet some stayed back hoping that their homes will shield them against hell. The villagers looked for shelter but there was nowhere to hide on this arid environment. The huge sand storm approached the village and demolished my home mercilessly right in front of my eyes.
I started to walk across the cruel desert with no ending or sign of life. I looked back, there was nothing left of the village and nowhere to find shelter. As I walked, the wind swirled around my bony face the heat almost melting my skin and burning my eyes. Suddenly, I initiated a sudden gasp for air. My lungs felt like they were tattered and I could feel the loss of oxygen reaching to my head. I knew it was temporary but the instant jolt of pain that struck my body was immense. Unexpectedly Lulu cried for water, so I gave her the little water that I took from the hut. As our journey continued, I noticed dark red bloody trail similar to a murder scene. But as I followed the trail I gawked at Lulu’s thighs the blood gushing like a waterfall and instantly she collapsed...

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