Maria Montessori : the Origin of Our Method

Maria Montessori : the Origin of Our Method

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I. Writing a précis

“The origin of our method”

In this chapter Maria Montessori inform us that the first school for small children was opened January 6, 1907 and at that time there was no special system of instruction. The students were around 50 poor children and the classroom a room in the apartment house

Maria Montessori had already worked with children of subnormal intelligence and had used objects that children gave all of their attention and at the end they appeared rested and happy as mentioned.

The decision to work with those deglected children came with the thought that all the children belong to the kingdom of God and must be helped.

Furthermore she lets us know that those children belonged to the lowest strata of society and that one young lady was taking care of them. The furniture of the room was made by them and was not regular school desks and also there were no free meals and medical care.

Then Maria Montessori and the young teacher were testing the children to see if they differ from normal children of tender age.

She says that this was not a scientific study but important observations were made.

II. Reading, Analysis and Reflection

By reading the two articles we can understand how important it is to create an environment for our child that catered to his needs and abilities. For the writers Barbara Isaacs and Tim Seldin the best environment for a child is one that encourages him to explore and move freely and safely. We need to help our child in our care to become self-sufficient, independent and capable of interacting with others in a positive way.

According to Barbara Isaacs toddlers love to move their big muscles, rolling and crawling and finally walking, running and jumping. What we need to do is to make sure that our child has lots of spaces to explore. As Maria Montessori said “obstacles must be reduced to a minimum and the surroundings should provide the necessary means for...

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