Marijuana: an Illegal Drug

Marijuana: an Illegal Drug

Marijuana: Good or Bad
Javier Gonzalez
May 27, 2010
Dr. Fathiah Inserto

Marijuana is considered an illegal drug yet thousands of the American people consume marijuana for medical purposes. Is marijuana good for you? There has been a lot of controversy concerning the topic of marijuana throughout the last few years. When the topic of marijuana is brought up the majority of the public interpret marijuana and an illegal drug as one. Most of the public may associate marijuana as unhealthy for the human body and even being arrested and going to jail when used. The other half of the public would interpret marijuana as a cure to their illnesses and a way of leading a normal and healthier life because the use of prescribed medical marijuana has helped to tame their illnesses.

Illegal drugs are considered bad for a person because the end result of using illegal drugs could possibly be addicting thus creating a huge health risk and may even be fatal. Marijuana is a drug that is considered illegal, but when prescribed by a doctor marijuana may be used for medical purposes in order to help patients fight illnesses. Medical Marijuana has proven to fight and help with several illnesses not limited to the following; neuropathic pains, migraines headaches, sleep deprivation, appetite loss, and general pain of fibromyalgia and chemotherapy.

A study was conducted in 2003 through 2005 concerning the use of medical marijuana being used for the purpose of suppressing neuropathic pain (Dr. Donald Abrams, 2003.) The study shows that more then four million united states residents suffer from neuropathic pains, and more then 37% of those four million people who are suffering from neuropathic pains use medical marijuana as a source of medication in order to reduce or in some cases stop neuropathic pain. In the same year another study was conducted, (San Francisco hospital) out of 50 patients that were suffering from...

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