Marijuana Made Legal for Medical Use

Marijuana Made Legal for Medical Use

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Marijuana made legal for Medical use

Marijuana made legal for Medical use
Tonja D. Silver
Kaplan University
January 17, 2011

Introduction: I’ll be addressing the use of marijuana in the medical field in the United States. There are many states allowing the use of marijuana to patience living with chronic illnesses. There are at least 15 states that have made marijuana legal for medicine. If the patience lives 25 miles from the hospital they are allowing patience to grow 12 plants for their own medicine. The states have passed laws to legalizing the use of marijuana in the medical field; there are patients that need to use it for diseases which includes cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other “chronic debilitating disease,” as well as the doctor giving the amount of marijuana to be used by the patients without becoming incarcerated; the use of marijuana is here on the earth to serve a purpose for mankind in the medical arena. The Indians used marijuana as a medicine for years before it was made illegal.
There is much patience living with diseases that keep them in pain on a daily basis. The medicine prescribed to them has even harsher side effects than using marijuana. The only side effect in using marijuana is having the munchies and it relaxes your body. The patient has chronic health condition that can be easily handled with the use of marijuana. The Proposition 19 would legalize the possession and cultivation of pot in small amounts for adults, while handling the authority to regulate commercial marijuana production and distribution down to countries and cities. There are benefits for the patients who use marijuana as directed by their doctor. Among these are: the amelioration of nausea and vomiting, stimulation of hunger in chemotherapy and AIDS patients, lowered intraocular eye pressure (shown to be effective for treating glaucoma), as well as gastrointestinal illness. Its effectiveness as an analgesic has been suggested (and disputed) as well....

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