Marine Corps Traditions

Marine Corps Traditions


During its many years of experience in both peace and war the Marine Corps has developed many traditions, and there are some I find most important and they are leadership, loyalty, dependability, customs, and courtesies. There’s a saying that no one is born a leader, people become leaders through hard work, skill and stern sense of duty. In my opinion the most leadership comes from corporals and sergeants since they are always around and they are the ones supervising everything that goes on throughout the day. They are good examples to follow because they have already gone through the Pvt - LCpl part of the Marine Corps.

There are many reasons why I think these principles are important for example loyalty to me is important because it is something Marines live by. it is very important to remember that loyalty is a two - way street both up and down the chain of command. Some examples are to never criticize your unit or fellow Marines.

Dependability is defiantly a key trait because if I had to describe the Marine Corps in one word it would be dependable we have successfully done our job for over 233 years. For us mission accomplishment has always come first. Being dependable isn’t always easy sometimes means you have to make personal sacrifices.

Customs and courtesies and another very important Marine Corps tradition. Courtesy is the accepted form of politeness among civilized people. Always be polite, and remember the “golden rule” do unto others as you would have others do to you. The most important of all military courtesies is the salute. This is a honored military tradition throughout the world. Saluting goes back to the earliest recorded history. Another important marine corps tradition is giving the proper greeting of the day to all personnel of higher rank. It is used as a courteous sign of acknowledgement of the higher ranking personnel.

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