Marine Corps

Marine Corps

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Eileen Patino March 7,2006

Lord of the Flies Essay Test

In the novel, “Lord of the flies” it tells a story about how boys, between the ages 7-12 get

sanded on an island after their plane crashed. After the horrible disaster the boys must now come

and work together in order to survive. In order to have survive they had to think of was to send a

signal for help and have a leader to keep things organized, make sure everything is civilized, and

no one turn against each other. But in this story it shows both sides such as civilization and

savagery, which later on takes over in the story. In this story it also shows a lot of symbols. And

each symbol has their own special meaning. And here are few examples.

One of the symbol was the conch shell. The conch shell was used to call meetings and

who ever had the shell was the only one to be speaking so that everyone wouldn’t shout all at

once. The conch shell in the story represents law, unity, and organization. It was put to good

use and also kept everything organized. But later on in the story the conch loses meaning. The

conch was used for good, called for meetings, etc. Savagery atrts to take place and the boys like

to take the conch shell for granted the sooner or later the conch shell ends up breaking into little


Another symbol in the story is the signal fire. The signal fire was one of things they

thought for a way to be rescued. The signal fire symbolizes to civilization. In the story the noys

had chosen a few to watch the fire over night so that it doesn’t go out. But one boy jack who is

on the savagery side shows that he rather hunt than do anything else by almost letting the fire go

out. Later on in the story, Jack uses the fire for cooking rather to be a signal and steals the fire

from Ralph and Piggy who are civilized. And Ralph wants it to be used in good use. Thats how

the signal fire loses meaning.

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