History 21 January 2015

The Life of Karl Marx


In 1848, Marx and Friedrich Engels published “ The Communist Manifesto”
This introduced their concept of socialism.
Marx moved to London and spent the rest of his life there.
He published the 1st volume of of “Capotal’, he gave out his vision of capitalism and its inevitable tendencies towards self-destruction. He took part in a growing international workers’ movemnet based on his theories.

Early Life and Eductaion
Born in 1818 in Prussia.
Family of 9.
Both parents were Jewish
His father was a lawyer converted to Lutheranism in 1816 due to contemporary laws barring Jews from higher society.
Marx was baptized but became an atheist.
Went to University of Bonn (got into trouble)
His parents moved him to the University of Berlin.
He studied law and philosophy
He joined the Young Hegelians (movement) as a university student
The Young Hegelians strongly criticized the political and cultural establishments.

He Becomes Revolutionary
After receiving a degree, began writing for a liberal democratic newspaper.
The radical nature of his writings eventually got him expelled by the government of Prussia.
His new wife and Marx moved to Paris in 1843.
Marx met Engels , they became his lifetime collaborator. In 1845 they published a criticism of Bauer’s Young Hegelian philosophy entitled “The Holy Father”
Prussia government intervened to get Marx expelled from France and he and Engels moved to Belgium.
In 1847, a new Communist League in London drafted, them to write “ The Communist Manifesto”
In it both of them depicted all of History as a series of class struggles (Materialism)
The predicted the upcoming of proletarian revolution would take over capitalism system for good, making workingmen the new ruling class of the world.

Marx’s Life In London and ‘Das Kapital’
With revolutionary uprisings engulfing Europe in 1848, before getting being expelled by that country’s...