Mark Oliphant

Mark Oliphant

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Sir Mark Oliphant
Sir Mark Oliphant’s full name is Sir Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant. He’s a famous scientist known around the world. He was appointed professor of physics at the University of Birmingham.

Sir Mark Oliphant was born in Kent town, Adelaide in Australia on the 8th of October 1901. He died in Canberra on the 14th of July 2000 when he was aged 98.

Sir Mark Oliphant’s area of science is the nuclear physics where Mark studies the building blocks and interactions of atomic nuclei. Some applications of nuclear physics are the nuclear power and nuclear physics which mark studied on and other subjects like nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.
Mark Oliphant was famous for developing one of the most important weapons called the Nuclear or Atomic bomb. He also discovered the Nuclei of helium 3 (hellions) and tritium (tritons). Another discovery is that he’s the first person who discovered heavy hydrogen nuclei which could be made to react together (tritons and hellions being the products, with protons and neutrons). This fusion reaction is the basis of a hydrogen bomb and fusion power reactions. All of these are the inventions and development of Mark Oliphant. He also helped in developing the resonant-cavity magnetron in 1940 with a group of three and they successfully achieved the wavelengths that were needed for airborne radar. One of his achievements was that he earned the Hughes Medal in 1943 for his research of the process for refining uranium-235 at Berkeley.
Marks’ work has contributed to the society by a lot of ways; one is that he created the Australian Academy of Science. Another contribution is that he invented the fusion power reaction and the fusion power offers the prospect of a near to everlasting source of energy for future generations, although it also presents so far a huge scientific and engineering challenges. The invention of the nuclear bomb created peace in the world when the atomic bomb exploded in Hiroshima and...

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