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Siemens Key Account Management:
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Lost in Central Asia?

Tao Yue from the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Case Development Centre prepared this
teaching case under the supervision of Professor George S. Yip. We wish to thank Jean-Pierre Gassian,
Verena Müller, Hajo Rapp, Josef Lanschützer, Sylvia Heller, and Yevgeniy Yegorov at Siemens for their
opinions and information.
This case is based on field research data. It is to provide material for class discussion rather than to
illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a management situation. The author has disguised most
names and identifying information to protect confidentiality.
Copyright © 2011 RSM Case Development Centre, Erasmus University. No part of this publication may be
copied, stored, transmitted, reproduced or distributed in any form or medium whatsoever without the
permission of the copyright owner. Revised June 2012.
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It was early September 2011 when Franco Maldini, Siemens’ Corporate Account Manager (CAM)
for EuroBric, returned from vacation to his Milan office and began preparing for the most
important meeting of the year. He was to meet with the Metals and Mining Market Development
Board (MDB) the following month to decide...

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