Market Failure

Market Failure

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Journey (Insights and Reflections)

The focus of my group’s project was on raising awareness of the AIDS crisis among teenagers with age ranging from 17 to 19. We wanted to inculcate determination and perseverance among youths by showcasing Nkosi’s life story. By means of education and games, we wanted to dispel misconceptions about HIV and discourage teenagers from having promiscuous relationships. However, with financial and time constraints, we realized that it was difficult to focus on a wider age range of teens. Thus, we decided to narrow our focus and make it specific to the group with age ranging from 17 to 19.

Our proposal comprises various programmes including hands-on activities and narrative practice. This helps to engage teenagers and for them to show more concern for the AIDS crisis. This approach has the support of Science and Everyday Experiences (SEE). It argued that “humans gain better understanding…through activities…than when they are taught through passive techniques.” We can therefore be able to increase the consciousness of teenagers regarding having promiscuous relationships, which is the root of the crisis. By having blogs to update the most recent AIDS events, camps to gain AIDS knowledge, digital art designing competition to enhance AIDS information, this triangular approach ensures a higher chance of success in achieving our objectives. As our target audience is specific, we are able to design our activities in a precise manner to ignite their interests. Hopefully, they can absorb the maximum knowledge.

If I had the opportunity to pursue this project (given more time and more resources), I would have processed the life story of Nkosi into a short video clip and uploaded it to a popular online website like YouTube or Facebook to better reach out to teenagers. An experienced speaker could be employed to give regular talks in various schools to further raise teenagers’ awareness of the AIDS crisis which...

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