Market Orientation

Market Orientation

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Principles of Marketing

Discuss, with reference to current authors, what is meant by a “marketing orientation” and/or a “marketing orientated company.” Illustrate your answer with examples of products or brands of your choice.

Table of Contents

Aims and Objectives 2
Methodology 2
Results 2
Conclusions 3
Recommendations 3
Appendix 3
Item A 3
References 3
Bibliography 4

Aims and Objectives

This assessment is designed to test my:
• Ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of marketing principles.
• Ability to apply theory to practical examples and situations.
• Include a degree of originality in the answer.
• Basic research and information retrieval techniques.
• Produce a comprehensive synthesis of the argument within the given space limitations.
• Ability to produce and present work of a high academic standard.
Source, Principles of Marketing MKT1101 Handbook


The research for this report was compiled using a variety of textbooks and online resources all of which are detailed in the reference section. We used predominantly the Internet as a resource as it was by far the most readily available and vast.

There are many different approaches a business can take towards its operations. These are marketing, sales, production and product orientations. Each one has a different perspective. Tutor2u ‘Alternatives to a marketing orientation’ [accessed 2nd November 2006] Marketing orientated companies focus on customers needs. Jobber, D (2004) Principles of Marketing 4th Edition Then uses marketing as strategy to attract potential consumers to their product. This method allows for a flexible business that adapts with time to change in consumers needs a more successful long-term strategy.
To be a successful marketing orientated company you need to use the marketing mix (see appendix item A) of Product, Price, Place and...

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