Market outlook of the regenerative medicine market in the US 2016-2020

Market outlook of the regenerative medicine market in the US 2016-2020

Market outlook of the regenerative medicine market in the US

Regenerative medicine deals with the process of using therapeutically-induced or laboratory grown human tissue to treat diseased or injured human cells, tissues, or organs. It is an emerging field of treatment that helps in producing new cells to substitute malfunctioning or injured cells as a vehicle to treat disease and injury. The regenerative medicine market can be characterized into three major modalities, namely tissue engineering, biomaterials/biomolecules, and stem cell therapy.

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Market research analysts expect the regenerative medicine market in the US to grow at a fast pace, posting a remarkable CAGR of more than 33% during the forecast period because of the growing demand for tissue-engineered and stem cell products for the treatment of various diseases. The potential of these medicines in regenerating diseased organs is one of the major factors that drives the market in the US. The stem cells application and advancements in nanotechnology will further drive the progress in this market.

Segmentation by product and analysis of - cell therapy and scaffold

Cell therapy helps in treating the diseases or to improving the functioning of the existing cells, by administrating of cells into the body. This therapy addresses medical conditions related to the bone, cartilage, heart, skin, digestive system, reproductive system, eye, blood, spine, brain, and the nervous system. In 2015, cell therapy segment accounted for approximately 80% of the market share.

The report offers an analysis of each of the following segments and discusses its impact on the overall market growth -

Cell therapy

Segmentation by application and analysis of - dermatology, musculoskeletal, ocular, and cardiovascular

The year 2015 saw the precedence of the dermatology segment, accounting for a market...

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