Market Potential & Market Growth

Market Potential & Market Growth

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MKT Market Potential & Market Growth

Australia has a tremendous amount of market potential, and choosing Australia as the intercontinental market is a very excellent choice for Kudler Fine Foods. Australia’s customs, diversity, financial stability and development were all deciding factors in expanding the market beyond Canadian boarders. Over the years Australia, has developed into a very diverse and multicultural society. Australia is also very well known for its great food, standard of living, and cultural practices. As a result of Australia’s culinary innovations and novel, and its healthy approaches to food preparation Australia is one of the most exclusive, and exciting destinations on the planet (Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs),. This is largely important for Kudler Fine Foods, because the organization looks to target the fine wines and gourmet food market.

The international growth of Kudler Fine Foods can work into both the Australian and Canadian markets. Whilst continuing to expand in the Australian market and beyond the Canadian border, presents great opportunities in addition to its great culture, and the fact that Australia is well populated with over 21 million residents (,.
Australia is known for its fine wines, citing more than 90 grape varieties grown and having more than 60 official wine regions in the country. Because of this Australia has won numerous awards for its very fine wines (Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs). Wine consumption in Canada is 10 liters per person while Australian consumption is 21.7 liters per person however; current ranking in wine consumption reveals Canada and Australia are both ranked in the top 20 and with these current numbers and statistics affording Kudler Fine Foods the chance to expand their gourmet food business, and fine wines. (Nation Master Food Statistics, 2002). Growth in wine consumption volumes are expected to grow 10 percent over the next...

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