Market Research of Medical Imaging Market

Market Research of Medical Imaging Market

Putri E Januarti

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Homework #2
Medical Imaging Market
Vice President of @CME Biomedical Technology Inc. wants to know further about the market of medical imaging
specifically for congestive heart failure (CHF) diagnostic.
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) or Heart Failure is a chronic disease which contributes to large mortality rate, that is
one in nine deaths in the United States.1 Risk of death increases with escalation of disease progress. However, those
in mild disease stage have a higher risk of sudden cardiac death. A key finding was that sudden death accounted for
65% of all deaths in NYHA Class II/ Mild patients.2,3 Therefore, there is a need for a medical device that would
accurately diagnose patients with CHF from earlier stage as a prevention attempt for disease progression.
Market Segmentation

Class I

Class II
Echocardiography (echo)


Class III

Class IV
Computed Tomography (CT)

Cardiologist, Internist,
General Physician + Cardiologist
Cardiac surgeon
Table I. Market segmentation of CHF based on patient condition (disease stage), treatment used (diagnostic imaging),
providers, and payers.
CHF is classified by New York Heart Association
(NYHA) into 4 stages based on the limitation effect on
physical activity: Class 1 = no limitation, Class 2 =
Mild; slight limitation, Class III = Moderate; marked
limitation, and Class IV = Severe; inability to perform
activity without symptoms.4 It can also further
segmented based on the diagnostic procedure applied
for each classes, health care provider that is involved,
and also the payer as it can be seen in Table I.
Market Size

Class IV

From total of 51 million patients with heart disease in
the United States, each stage is represented as in
Figure 1, with the highest number of patients in...

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