Market Research Report Explores China Information Security Market (2015 - 2020)

Market Research Report Explores China Information Security Market (2015 - 2020)

In recent years, the global network threat continues to grow, and network attacks and network crimes are increasing and characterized by more professional tools, commercial purposes, organized behaviors, diverse means, etc. Due to the internet without borders, losses caused by network threats to global users spread rapidly. The continuous growth of network threats drives the rapid development of global information security market, i.e. the product structures are increasingly rich, and the manufacturer number, the market size and information security investment proportion constantly expand. In 2014, the size of the global information security market exceeded $100 billion.

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Over the past10 years, hundreds of information security enterprises have developed in China. There were only several information security enterprises back then. With rapid development of information security technologies and products, the passive dependence of core security products on import have been changed fundamentally, and a certain scale of industry has been formed. In 2014, new products and service modes emerged in the information security field in China, the security market for personal information consumption became a new growth point, the industrial policy effects were more significant, and the market size reached RMB 22 billion.

In the information age, network security has become an important part of national security. Especially in 2013, the “Prism” event occurred, highlighting the importance of network information security. Additionally, with the advent of the age of big data, the public information transmission security has attracted the attention of IT giants, and the network security is expected to have great opportunities.

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