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Market Research

Market Research Report


Client: Michael Jenkins

Foundations of Business Analysis GSBS6002

WORDCOUNT: 1878 (Please note that the word count is for the report only and does not include appendices, title pages, Contents page, references or tabulated and graphical data represented in the report)

Table of Contents:

Introduction - p3

Data Screening - p4

Preliminary Analysis - p5

Hypotheses - p6

Data Analysis Strategy - p 7

Summary Discussion & Recommendations - p8

References - p12

Appendices - p13

Appendix 1 Summarised information about different post codes

Appendix 2 Questionnaire

Appendix 3 Hypothesis testing - How much are potential patrons willing to pay for the entrées? Is the $18 amount from the forecasting model correct?

Appendix 4 Hypothesis Testing - Can Michael expect all patrons to spend an average of $200 a month on food?

Appendix 5 Hypothesis Testing - Which zip code area(s) provide the best location for the restaurant? Does the expected average monthly spend differ between potential patrons residing in different zip codes?

Appendix 6 Hypothesis Testing - Does the likelihood to patronize the restaurant different between people with different income levels?

Appendix 7 Hypothesis Testing - How elegant should the décor be? Would potential patrons prefer simple or elegant décor?

Appendix 8 Hypothesis Testing - Should there be live entertainment? Would potential patrons prefer a string quartet or a jazz combo?

Appendix 9 Hypothesis Testing - Which radio station(s) should Michael select for advertising? Which type of radio programming do people most likely to patronize the restaurant listen to?

Appendix 10 Hypothesis Testing - Can the likelihood of patronizing the restaurant be explained in terms of evaluations on restaurant preference variables...

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