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According to Kate Fletcher (2007,p.8), sustainable fashion and textile design is regarded as a way which aims at building long-term environmental and high quality through designing process. To advance our environmental standards, this way requires various collaboration from all directions. The significance of the sustainable fashion and textile design lies in the fact that it contains lifecycle sustainability and an action plan to social innovation and it will raise the recent industrial mode to a higher level. Such a sustainable fashion and textile design is developed on the basis of specific cultural backgrounds, social eco-awareness, recycling economic mode, and good designing. Above all, a good design is considered to be the most important factor, the key to sustainable development in this field is to have a blueprint of action and design with environmental and recycling factors in mind.

With the development of sustainable fashion and textile design, my study aims at putting forward suggestions and solutions to better the fashion industry development. This requires identifying different factors that have played vital roles that have effect on fashion and textile industry development. For example, good design is the most important marketing tool. If your product is sustainable but the design is not unique, then no one will buy it and that is not sustainable. Good design always needs to come first consideration. Since such a sustainble fashion and textile design plan needs take many elements into consideration, my annotated bibliography should present a wide range of sources to present the problem clearly. It should not only include the general introduction of sustainable fashion and textile design, but also the suggestions and solutions on how to reuse and recycle textile waste.

Sustainable fashion and textile design is not a new issue so there are a lot of articles related to this field. So only reliable sources should be...

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