Marketing Across Cultures - Essay

Marketing Across Cultures - Essay

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University of Hertfordshire

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Marketing Across Cultures

Individual Assignment

Module Code: MBSP0420

Module Leader: Adrian Goodsall

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2

1.1 Introduction of Company 2

1.2 Vision of KFC 3

2. Marketing Operation 3

2.1 Industry and Consumer analysis 3

3. Target Market 4

4. Marketing Mix 4

5. Competitors 7

6 Market Positioning 8

7 Swot Analysis 10

8 Conclusion 11

9 References 12

10 Bibliography 13

11 Appendix 14


Marketing can be defined as satisfying customer’s needs and wants through an exchange process between customers and organization. Within the exchange process, customers mostly exchange what they consider value (money) if they feel that their needs are fully satisfied, clearly the greater the benefit provided by the organization the greater the amount can be charge by the organization (Kotler and Armstrong, 2006). What is culture? The abstract sense of word probably originated from the word Kultur in German language used in early eighteen century which was refer to as civilization. According to Usunier and Lee (2005), culture is the configuration of learned behavior and results of behavior whose components elements are shared and transmitted by the members of the respective society. Culture is a set of beliefs or standards, shared by a group of people, which helps an individual decide what it is, what can be, how to feel, what to do and how to do it (Goodenough, 1971 as...

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