Marketing Analyze Your Brands Segmentation and Positioning

Marketing Analyze Your Brands Segmentation and Positioning

Green Depot: The Eco-Friendly Way.

Green Depot:
The Eco-Friendly Way

Step 1
Green Depot was founded in 2005 by Sarah Beatty (former MTV V.P. of trade marketing and global branding). Green Depot’s mission has always been to make green building products and services accessible so that green building could be easily incorporated into standard construction operations (Green depot mission (2005)). Green Depot is very passionate about green choice’s believing that any “green choice big or small is a positive step for our future” (Green depot mission (2005)). All products Green Depot sells must pass through what they call their proprietary green filter. That filters quality and values based of health, durability, performance, life cycle, natural resource conservation, and of course energy conservation.
Step 2
Demographic variables:
* Age and family life-cycle segmentation: You could use new families starting out to help preserve what is left of our planet for the future of their children. As well as directing marketing towards the end of the Baby-Boomer generation, as well as Generation X. After all we are living in a world where our ancestors created the problem. So that being said, isn’t it up to us to preserve what is left and try to repair the damage that has been done?
* Income: Although Green Depot states that their “primary goal is to facilitate green living that is easy, affordable and gratifying” (Green depot mission (2005)), green living products are not inexpensive. They are in fact a luxury that many cannot afford. So marketing would want to target middle to higher income bracket customers.

Geographic variable:
* Country region: North east coast specific for the ten store locations from Maryland to Vermont. However there is an online store that can ship directly to you plus shipping of course from one of their twelve distribution centers.
Psychographic variable:
* Social class: Working class, middle class through upper...

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