Marketing and Kudler Fine Foods

Marketing and Kudler Fine Foods

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Marketing and Kudler Fine Foods

Lance Lott

MBA 502

January 10, 2009

Craig Mayberry

Marketing and Kudler Fine Foods
Kudler fine food has decided to expand its catering service and in order to do so a successfully marketing plan will be required. According to Kerin, Hartley, Berkowitz, & Rudelius (2005) “marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders” (p. 8). In this paper I will explain how Kudler’s should incorporate the best marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion as well as introduce uses of technology that will assist in their marketing campaign. The recent decision by Kudler’s to offer organic products will also be explored and the potential for incorporating this line of business into the catering service will be included and studied.
Kudler’s marketing research

The marketing research in the Kudler’s Fine Food simulation provided limited value for developing a marketing plan of action for the expansion of the catering business. According to Kerin, Hartley, Berkowitz, & Rudelius (2005) marketing research should include a five step process that includes; define the problem, develop a research plan, collect relative information, develop findings and then take marketing action. The two supplied surveys included primarily in-store related concerns and questions with no real research targeted at the catering side of the business. In order for Kudler’s to fully reveal the potential of expanding the catering business a new research plan should be developed with the specific goal of completing the five step process as previously indicated. There was some value in the survey results in a couple of categories that could help Kudler’s catering plans in the form of product selection, price and...

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