Marketing Brief

Marketing Brief

Mary Mullen

ASSIGNMENT 3: Creative Brief.

1: Who is my target?
My name is Bruce, and I live in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I am 30 years old, married with two kids. My entire family has used Tabasco brand since I can remember and that’s where I discovered it.

2: Where are we in the mind of our target?
While other hot sauces such as Louisiana and Cholula have an okay taste, Tabasco has peaked my interest because of the premium quality of taste and spiciness. I also grew up with it in my family’s home and it just stuck with me.

3: Where is our competition in the mind of the consumer?
There are so many sauces to choose from but Tabasco has always been the number one choice in my kitchen. I like the Tabasco brand above others because it stands out and has the awesome bottle. It also seems as though for most new people who I’ve met that have talked about think that Tabasco is the nickname for the hot sauce category, kind of like Coke being synonymous for soft drinks.

4: Where would we like to be in the mind of this person?
I first thought that all sauces were generally the same until I found out that every bottle of Tabasco hot sauce is hand picked and then stored for 3 years to enhance flavor. If they take that much care, I can pay a little more.

5: What is the consumer promise? (The big idea)
HOT SAUCE IS AWESOME. It has the best taste and spiciness while keeping it old school and family made. They are the top in their market share and they know it.

6: What is the supporting evidence of the big idea?
Tabasco is number one. That’s just all there is to it. They have the best flavor, best history for 141 years since the 1860s. They are the number one manufacturer and seller of hot sauce, and the Tabasco label is on more things than many competitors.

7: What is the tone of voice for the advertising?
We want to make the current customers continue to the loyal while trying to stretch out to a slightly younger market by using playful...

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